Title Dir. Corporate Procurement (chemical)
Categories Procurement, Supply Chain
Job ID 312
Location Hartford CT.
Job Information

This is a newly created role in a specialty chemical business  reporting to the COO  to lead a procurement transformation . In this role you must have a clear vision moving forward but still maintain a hand-on role.

Develop, communicate and implement the strategic direction for the Purchasing function. Develop and maintain external and internal relationships to advance the strategic direction. Overall responsibility for inventory management, vendor relations and purchasing strategies that maximize company position and pricing.


  1. Overall responsibility for sourcing product, fright, warehousing and blending services. Know what we need, when we need it and where we need it.
  2. Excellent understanding of the markets and suppliers.
  3. Negotiate contracts for critical and large volume materials from approved supply sources
  4. Develop strategic supplier/vendor relationships to obtain information concerning products, quality and drive down costs to optimize company position and assess suppliers for new product lines.
  5. Partner and collaborate with sales to ensure we meet customer and company requirements.
  6. Strategize on ways to bundle purchases and reduce suppliers to leverage buying power.
  7. Identify key raw materials and develop a strategy to purchase the materials and produce the products in the location that yields maximum efficiency and return.
  1. Interact with senior management to coordinate market intelligence and provide recommendations for enhancing sales and profitability performance
  1. Develop and carryout strategies, policies and procedures for procurement of products and most advantageous sourcing.
  2. Responsible for managing, mentoring, evaluating and training staff.
  3. Oversee all aspects of trucking/traffic to be consistent with programs that have been setup, while consistently reviewing and evaluating programs. Negotiate contracts with the Logistics Planner and Supply Chain Manager.
  4. Promote and support the elements and principles of the ISO, Responsible Distribution and Lean Quality Management Systems.
Background & Experience 1.Minimum of Degree in Business Administration, Purchasing, Supply Chain Management or related field.
Salary attractive base plus bonus
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