New Employees

Welcome to McInturff & Associates, Below are links to forms needed to bring you on as an employee. In a separate email, you will also receive a Terms of Assignment letter which stipulates details of your assignment as well as pay rate. Please fill these out and return the originals of the Form I-9, Policies and Guidelines and Terms of Assignment to us. You may email or fax other completed forms.


  • Our work week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Your paycheck will be deposited to your account on the following Friday.
  • ┬áThe timesheet, signed by both you and your supervisor, is the source document for payroll and should be emailed to Contract by 11:00AM on Monday. If you have a problem with obtaining a signature or are out of the office please call or email, then follow up with the authorized timecard as soon as possible.
  • We pay by direct deposit. Once we have processed your W-4 and other payroll forms you will receive two emails: one from McInturff Contract with a temporary password, and a second from Payroll Access at ADP. Payroll Access will enable you to view your paychecks on line. Follow the ADP instructions to enroll in Access; note that your temporary the password will expire in 48 hours.

For payroll-related matters, time sheets or general questions please email If you should have a problem with your assignment or need to contact us, please email or call 508-653-4050.